Services Provided

Functional Behavior Assessment

A Functional Behavior Assessment is used to identify problem behaviors and aid in developing interventions to improve behaviors. The purpose of a Functional Behavior Assessment is for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst to identify the function of the behavior to aid in future interventions.

Skills Assessment

A skills assessment is used to determine the skill level based off of a particular circulum.

SBIC uses the below assessments:

Development of individualized treatment

Every client's treatment plan is individualized for their specific needs. No two clients are the same and no two treatment plans are the same.

Behavior Intervention Plan

This is a plan that is written based off of the Functional Behavior Assessment to address skill deficits and problem behaviors.

Staff and Caregiver training

SBIC offers staff and caregiver training.

Follow-up Consultation

A follow up to assess the progress and effectiveness of the intervention plan. A check-in with the families to bring up any concerns and check on progress.


Referral Form

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Additional Services

  • Job Coaching - a client support and mentorship for obtaining new job and aquiring job skills.

  • Social Skills Group - a support for clients that teaches them to appropriately play and interact with others.

  • Toilet Training - SBIC offers supports for toliet training